August 17, 2022
Australian sports websites and blogs

Best Australian Sports Websites and Blogs

From the top-level match coverage to the stats havens, these are the key Australian sports blogs and websites for general and code-specific sports. Although the number of high-quality Australian websites is unusually limited for such a sports-mad country, our list of the greatest Australian sports websites and blogs saves you from wading through the nonsense.


Popular Australian Sports Websites and Blogs


Fox Sports

Fox Sports, the pay-television giant’s web subsidiary, continues to be the go-to destination for fans of all major codes. The emphasis is on Australian sports – offering breaking news, insightful commentary, features, and the best match coverage for the NRL, AFL, rugby union, cricket, and football – but they also provide in-depth analysis of the key international championships. By the length of a Tom Hawkins kick, Australia’s No. 1 provider of sports news, their stats coverage of the major codes is unmatched.


ESPN in Australia


The Australian site ESPN is basically identical to the parent site, but with rugby union, AFL, NRL, and NBL added. They feature a high percentage of AAP articles and generic news that can be found on other Australian sports websites; however, their unique content is of great quality. As expert columnists, Jude Bolton (AFL) and Brett KImmorley (NRL) bring another dimension.


Australia’s Sports News

Sporting News, a derivation of the US edition, covers the important stories you need to know, as well as a healthy dose of opinion and gossip for the major Australian sports codes. Some newspaper columnists work on the site part-time, while the NRL Lurker provides tasty information for league insiders.


The Roar

The Roar combines expert material with articles written by amateurs, providing an excellent platform for prospective authors to reach a large audience through the ‘The Roar of the Crowd’ section. While contributors such as Steve Mascord (league), Ryan Buckland (AFL), Spiros Zavos (union), and Ronan O’Connell (cricket) lend the site legitimacy, the site’s lifeblood is the diverse pieces written by fans and fledgling writers – many of whom go on to become full-time journalists. The opinion is king, and the comment threads are among the most active and heated you’re likely to discover on any sports blog website in Australia.

Among Australia’s official sports websites, the AFL’s has long been considered as the gold standard. Unmatched match coverage, an excellent analytics section, and an opinion part that is not afraid to pull no punches. It can be difficult to navigate for the uninformed, but the AFL has it pretty much nailed in terms of content. AFL is one of the most popular sports blogs in Australia.

The NRL’s official website had a significant redesign, removing several long-serving journalists and bringing in a slew of well-known media veterans – including Brad Walter and Michael Chammas – to give it a new appearance. The personnel change has resulted in a higher share of breaking news and actual journalism than in the past, with experienced newshounds lending the publication the feel of an independent outlet. — the ARU’s media brand arm – is a must-read for union tragics due to its general news and some excellent features. A fantastic team of writers, who you can’t help but feel terrible for in light of the current situation of Australian rugby. There are few statistics or historical references. is one of the most comprehensive sports blogs in Australia.


Cricinfo ESPN

If you spend your days working at a computer and have not spent hundreds of paid hours following Cricinfo’s ball-by-ball coverage of a Test or one-day match, you are not a cricket fan.

Exceptional match coverage, incredible stats and analysis, and excellent features. Their statistics/history parts are equally impressive. The only area of the site that should be improved is match video and highlights, but there are enough interviews to watch now.



For many, sport is a religion, and in today’s society, we require a diverse assortment of online bibles. These Australian sports websites and blogs will always provide you with the right sports information thus, keeping you updated.

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